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The next best thing to floating

The Mink MBS-System is superior to conventional conveyor belts, which explains why this concept is preferred by customers in so many different industries. This modular brush conveyor belt can handle products of every conceivable kind, while preventing damage and avoiding contamination and noise. The bristle surface can be adjusted to the required degree of gentleness. If repairs become necessary, individual modules can be replaced quickly and easily. The belts are highly resistant to acids, alkalis and heat.

Conventional applications: Conveying   I   Handling materials

  • Gentler than conventional conveyer belts
  • The ideal way to convey products that are susceptible to dents and scratches on inclines
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Superior technology at an attractive price
  • Low noise
  • Dirt falls between the bristles, no damage to surfaces



replacement sections

Sprocket wheel

support sections

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