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The internal transportation of products and components is considered very important in many companies. To avoid damage to sensitive surfaces, gentle transportation or fixing with transport brushes and/or fixing brushes is therefore a must. Mink industrial brushes support these processes by optimally adapting the bristles to your task.

Areas of application for machine brushes: from pressing and labeling to carrying

conveying systems Rotary brushes Material handling brushes transport rollers


From A to B: When gentle, quiet and scratch-fee is a must!

bush plates metal brush transport assembly table pads workstation cushioning


Millions of high quality bristles support sensitive products

gentle fixing delicate securing conveyor belt material handling brushes


No rubbing or scratching! Mink brushes drastically reduce waste

Labeling Cleaning brushes lateral cleaning transport belts factory cleaning brushes food industry


Mink brushes offer high-quality bristles in combination with clever brush body designs for billion-fold label application

Conveyor belt Material transporter conveying systems with brushes gentle fixing


Why complicate things there is an easier way? For vertical, inclined or horizontal conveying requirements, Mink brush systems are the ideal solution

transport belts conveyor system metal transport with brushes brush plates brush sheets


Why damage surfaces or accept abrasion? With Mink bristle technology such problems are easily solved.

materials handling conveyor belts transport system with brushes delicate securing careful fastening transport brushes

Materials handling

There are all sorts of things Mink brushes can do! Simple yet highly efficient

Dispensing Cleaning Brushes Medicine dosing brushes Industrial brushes Circular brushes


When it comes down to consistency, absolute reliability and food hygiene, we are the right partner for you!

Smoothing conveypor path leveling conveyor track Brush rolls Round brushes

Pressure rollers/Controlling

Why design complicated? Use simple yet extremely effective Mink bristle technology!

Advice and customised special solutions

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