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Avoiding system failures caused by overheating

Enclosures with high-quality surfaces must be conveyed and handled with care. Stillages fitted with Mink strip brushes, either standard or special designs, are the ideal solution. Additionally, Mink brushes are utilised to seal cable entries in enclosures and to confine cold air in climate control systems.


  • Reliable sealing against dust from double floors
  • Prevention of system failures due to overheating
  • Complete system with easy installation
  • Installable before and after laying of cables
  • Long service life
  • Custom solutions and dimensions possible



Sealing is an application that can be found in almost every industry. With their flexible bristles and wide variety of brush body profiles, Mink strip brushes can handle every imaginable task.


Mink web spreader rolls are characterised by an excellent spreading effect compared to traditional systems.


With Mink design brushes you can achieve amazingly creative and extraordinary results

Special solutions

We will do our upmost to support you with a solutions customised particularly to your requirements.

Advice and customised special solutions

Questions to our products, prefer an individual solution for your application or would like to order a sample? We are pleased to offer you a high quality, guaranteed to succeed consultation. Kindly give us a few details so that we are able to find you the correct advisor. The more accurately you describe the problem, the better we can prepare for the callback.

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