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Step drill Mink TRW-System®

For the step drill to fix parts SOB-TRW-K101 and SOB-TRW-K103 we recommend the step drill with Mink part number TRW8575-K1.

Screws Mink TRW-System®

Due to greater stress during the insertion process (impact risk), an additional fastening of the first bristle row with galvanized Torx screws Ø 3.5 x 20 mm is recommended

Adhesive tape

Attachment of strip brushes to clean, dry and grease-free surfaces is quick and easy.
Available widths: 19, 24 and 38 mm. Double-sided; resistant to ageing, heat, UV radiation and plasticizers; quick attachment

Backing: PE foam, cross-linked
Total thickness (without liner): 1.00 mm
Heat resistance (short periods): 100°C
Temperature range: -40°C to +70°C

Mitre cutting shears

Mitre cutting shears with 2 settings of 45° and markings for 15°, 30°, 90°.
The shears make it easy to cut any profile in our FBL product group. Their handy design makes cutting of strip brushes from the roll a straightforward task.

Screws Mink U-System®

To fix Mink U system we recommend using galvanized Ø 3,5 x 20 mm Phillips screws

Cylinder screws Mink HP-System®

Stainless cylinder screws DIN 912 M6 x 20 + washer


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