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Industrial brushes: an excerpt from our industries

automotive brushes deburring brushes dust brushes


Mink brushes are used in vehicle manufacturing for tasks like deburring aluminium parts, removing ultra-fine dust from surfaces before painting and gently…

sheet metal processing industrial burshes metalworking brushes transport rollers

Sheet Metal Processing

In the sheet metal processing and metalworking industries, perfect surfaces are becoming more and more important. Mink helps to meet this demand by offering…
Technical brushes machine brushes rotary brushes spreading plastic film web spreading rollers


Everything from a single source: crease-free spreading of plastic film, paper, non-wovens and textiles, optimal support for hot and cold needle perforation and…

deco brushes design brushes brush plates belt brushes


Architects and landscape planners can achieve amazing effects using Mink brushes. A wide range of design options are possible by varying the distance between…

cleaning brushes labelling brushes guiding brushes

Beverage technology

In the beverages industry, manufacturing processes and procedures to ensure safety and quality are continuously optimised. Mink Brushes supports these…

automotive brushes fixing brushes disc brushes cleaning brushes

Hand Tools

In the skilled trades dust is a part of life. Dust prevention and extraction are therefore very important. Mink strip bushes, round brushes and disc brushes are perfect for…

woodworking industrial brushes wood texture brush surface treatment brushes


Mink brushes are also much in demand in the wood industry. They have solved countless problems involving conveying, dusting,…

forestry brushes agriculture brushes dust brushes fixing brushes


Mink brushes are ideally suited for precise and even distribution of seeds, controlling of air passages or protective sealing against tampering, as well as…

food industry industrial brushes strip brush brush support


Mink brushes can not only be used for washing, polishing or peeling fruits and vegetables, they also ensure safe processes in bakery machines, for example when applying glazes or…

kitchen brushes seal brushes panel brushes strip brushes


In the furniture industry painted or laminated surfaces must be conveyed and secured in a gentle manner to reduce rejects. Mink brushes are ideal for…

medicament brushes pharamcy brushes labelling brushes guiding brushes


Every pharmaceutical company is obliged to follow the strictest requirements in producing tablets or other medication. For quality assurance, suppliers are therefore also required to fulfil necessary…

control cabinet sealing brushes stripping brushes

Enclosures Production

Enclosures with high-quality surfaces must be conveyed and handled with care. Stillages fitted with Mink strip brushes, either standard or special designs, are the…

solar brushes cross cleaning brushes brush plates fixing brushes

Solar Energy Industry

Photovoltaic systems must be cleaned at regular intervals to stay at maximum efficiency. Rotating disc or roller brushes with suitable bristles remove even the…

door brushes gate brush strips weatherstrip brushes


Mink strip brushes are available in a wide range of body geometries and bristle configurations to provide protection against disturbances like draughts, heat loss…

packaging brushes labelling brushes fixing brushes conveyor belt


Secure and reliable packaging, especially for sensitive products is essential. Mink brushes are an often indispensable part in the manufacture of packaging materials such as foil or …

machine brushes technical brushes conductive industrial brushes antistatic brushes

Machine Tools

Continuous cleaning of tool cones in manufacturing is just one of the many uses of Mink brushes in the machine tool industry. Besides performing cleaning tasks, they…

wind energy turbine brushes seal brushes industrial sealing solutions antistatic brushes engineering brushes

Wind Energy

Wind turbine rotors must be perfectly sealed around the blade pitch controls. The highly adaptable Mink Flex System features a wide variety of profiles with…

rail brushes sealing brushes brush rolls dust brushes

Rail technology

The high standards required by the rail industry do not present any problems for Mink bristle technology. Whether it concerns fire safety conformity in passenger transport according…

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